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December 1, 2015

The Bennie Group celebrates 75 years in business with a Christmas party at the Marriott Hotel, Northampton.

In celebration of achieving 75 years in business last year and with the festive season in full swing, The Bennie Group hosted a Christmas party at the Marriott Hotel in Northampton. The focus of the evening was on the achievement of the Group over the past 75 years, reflecting on the past 12months and honouring long serving employees for their dedication. In all 9 employees were recognised on the evening for 15 & 25 years service, with a further 17 due to receive their awards this week, equating to a grand total  of 682 years of service.

2015 has been a fantastic year for the Group with business peaking pre-recession levels across all Group companies. Investment in people, technology and equipment has helped us remain highly competitive across our diverse industries. We know that our success over the past year and indeed the previous 75 years has resulted from the hard work and dedication of all Bennie employees. We appreciate their continued hard work and we look forward to celebrating our continued success with them.

Alongside the festivities of the night and in the spirit of giving, everyone at the party donated to the #BacZac appeal throughout the night, raising over £2,000 to help Zac Forskitt and his family fight both the chest cancer and an aggressive form of leukaemia.

About #BacZac
At only 20 years old Zac was diagnosed with chest cancer in September 2015 and through further testing discovered he also has acute myeloid leukaemia. This combination of cancers is extremely rare, only one other person in the world (in South Korea) has both of these forms of cancer. In addition to this, Zac’s family home and the source of his support has been damaged from a house fire in November 2015 leaving Zac and his family homeless while fighting for his life.

If you would like to find out more information or donate to the appeal yourself, please visit: http://baczac.com/

BacZac hat

The Bennie Group
The Bennie Group story goes back to 1939; originally a contract ploughing company started by Peter Bennie. The company invested heavily in a wide range of machinery at our conception, diversifying our approach to work and modernising the industry. Now in our third generation of management and heading towards the forth, the Bennie Group has continued to grown into a family of companies which operate in a variety of industries.

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