Bespoke footwear as special as your feet are

Bespoke Shoes

The Bespoke Shoemaking Process

Through our bespoke service, you can tailor our footwear to your exact requirements. We deliver high-quality, bespoke footwear based on a first-fit philosophy.

These custom shoes are ‘one off’ designs for footwear as individual and special as your feet.

Designed with comfort in mind, our bespoke footwear fully caters for special foot conditions, with optional features such as: hard wearing soles, heel raises, extra wide toe caps or technical linings etc.

Our full bespoke service also allows for the use of any of our lasts, special delivery, technical questions, and made to measure versions of our footwear.


One of the most comfortable shoes I have ever had the privilege to wear. As soon as my feet slipped into… I thought I was walking on air… providing instant comfort and support  with style like no other shoe I have ever had

Wooden last with tools

Measurement & Lastmaking

Measure Sole

The creation of a bespoke shoe starts with the measurement of your feet.

In order to craft a shoe that caters to all of your needs, we will need to measure not only the length and width of your foot, but also more specific details like the volume and load-bearing points of your foot.

With these measurements, an exact mould of your feet – known as a last, can then be fashioned. It is upon this last that the shoe’s shape takes form.


After searching the county one end to another for bespoke shoes for my daughter we finally found this place. Not only have you made the most beautiful shoes, your customer service has been excellent even through the pandemic. What this means to us is something we could never put into enough words

Shoe Construction & Fitting

Your shoes will then be built around the last, where we will have you come in for a fitting session to confirm the fit of the shoe and make further adjustments.

We pride ourselves on our first-fit philosophy: you will only need to have one fitting session to ensure that the shoes fit perfectly to the shape of your feet.

All that’s left is for you to receive your bespoke footwear; either for you to collect in person or to be delivered to your door.

Your shoe last will be archived, ready to be reused for future pairs of shoes.


…could not ask for better shoes, Ken Hall are amazing and the most comfortable shoes ever

Sewing Work

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