New Year, a New Ken Hall

Date: Category: Ken Hall News

As we welcome in a new year and for many of us a fresh new chapter, filed with hope, economic growth and a feeling of getting back to normality, we are thrilled to announce that at Ken Hall we are launching a new brand to kick off the new year.

This year we are ready to showcase our evolving brand to the world, with a new refined logo, customer focused website, and adult footwear catalogue. The Ken Hall brand builds on 50 years of heritage, producing hand crafted, fully bespoke footwear for problem feet. As the world evolves, so too has our brand to reflect the style, fit and function of our customers footwear requirements.

The brand also forms part of our sales strategy to deliver a high quality, made to measure product based on a first fit philosophy to new markets, including podiatrists and private customers. This allows us to meet the needs and expectations of our growing customer base.

We are proud of our British heritage, with our shoes still being fully made in Britain in our factory dating back to the 1870s. We combine skilled hand crafting with the latest modern technology to deliver superb quality products to our customers.

It is a pleasure to know that we have been helping the truly great citizens of Britain to walk comfortably in our high quality shoes, and we endeavour to continue to provide you with choice and solutions to your orthotic requirements.

Please take a look at our new website to view our latest footwear collection: